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ClassHub Teacher log instructions for Mac OS X

Open ClassHub Teacher and click the mirroring devices button in the middle, top bar of ClassHub Teacher (blue button)

Click the Settings cog in the menu that appears

Click Preferences and advance to the Advanced section of this menu. Change the Logging Level to Verbose then exit the menu

Open the Console from Spotlight in your Menu bar.

In the console, click on your computer name, in the Devices section near the top of the left side of the window.

Then click on the Clear Display button at the top of the console window.

Once this is done, type in ClassHub in the search bar at the top right corner of the console window.

Leaving this window open, go back to the Class Manager and start class then recreate the present issues.

You should see a large amount of information appear in the console. Select all of this text by clicking on the last line and holding the Shift and Up arrow keys until everything is highlighted. Copy and paste this text into an email or save as a file to send to us for review.

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