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Enrolling macOS Devices in ClassHub

macOS Device Enrollment  

The process of linking the district or student BYOD devices to ClassHub is called enrollment. Once a device is enrolled in ClassHub, it does not need to be re-enrolled unless it is restored, reimaged, manually unenrolled or deleted in the ClassHub Settings portal under Devices. 

macOS Enrollment 

Devices must be running macOS 10.10 or higher. 

Note: ClassHub functions as an MDM server to provide the features of ClassHub. Apple only allows a macOS device to be part of one MDM. If you’re utilizing another MDM server with a macOS device, the device must be unenrolled from the former MDM to be part of ClassHub.  

  1. Visit, enter the enrollment code provided during the sales process and click “Next. You can also find your enrollment code at - district 


  1. Click the “Enroll” button to begin the ClassHub MDM enrollment process. The macOS device will leave the browser and switch to Profiles.  

  1. ClassHub will install two profiles. Click “Install” begin installing the first profile for device enrollment. This profile contains enrollment information. 

  1. Click “Continue” to begin installing the second profile for certificate and mobile device management.  


  1. The next step confirms you understand installing this MDM profile allows you to manage devices by requesting the ClassHub servers send commands to the device. 

    Accept the Mobile Device Management alert by clicking “Install” to confirm and download the mobile configuration file. If a password is set on the device you will need to enter it. 


  1. Open the download to complete the MDM profile installation.  The device will automatically install the ClassHub Student Companion app. This app must be installed at this point for ClassHub to work properly on a macOS device. It cannot be downloaded from the App Store or installed later.  

  1. The device is now enrolled in ClassHub and is ready for a Clever student user to sign in to the ClassHub Student Companion app.  

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