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Enrolling Chrome OS Devices in ClassHub

Chromebook User Enrollment 

The process of linking student user profiles to ClassHub is called enrollment. Once a user is enrolled in ClassHubthey do not need to be re-enrolled unless they are unenrolled manually or through G Suite, or deleted in the ClassHub Settings portal.  

Chrome Enrollment 

Chrome devices (ChromebooksChromebits and Chromeboxescan be enrolled in two ways, both of which accomplish the task of enrolling the user and installing the ClassHub Student Companion Extension and App to their profile 

Note: Teachers may prefer option two (especially for BYOD environments) as it can easily be done in the classroomHowever, option two allows the app and extension to be manually removed by the student. Once these are removed, the devices will no longer be under control of ClassHub. For this reason, we recommend option one for installs when possible as this will prevent the student from un-enrolling the device. 

Option one: G Suite Admin Portal 

App Installation & Settings 

  1. Visit and enter the enrollment code provided by your Implementation Specialist.  

  1. If you’re on a Chrome OS device, the enroll page will automatically provide a button to Download Config. If not, click Chrome OS and then click the Download Config button.  

Note: The enrollment code and configuration file can also be retrieved from the “District” section of the  ClassHub Settings Portal at . 


  1. Browse to the G Suite Admin Console at and click “Device Management” 


  1. From here, select “Chrome Management” from the sidebar and then scroll down and select “App Management”. 



  1. Enter “ClassHub in the search box on the right and click Search. 


Select ClassHub Student Companion” and then select “User Settings”. Note: If your devices support guest log in, you should repeat steps 6-10 for “Public session settings” as well. 


  1. Select the Organizational Unit (OU) you want to deploy ClassHub to  and toggle the “Allow Installation” and “Force Installation” options to on. Note: ClassHub is deployed by OU and not by individual user. All users within a particular OU will receive ClassHub.  

  1. Click “Upload configuration file, and browse to the downloaded ChromeConfig.txt file as downloaded in step 2. 


  1. Return to the App Management Page and select “ClassHub Student Viewer”. 

  1. Select “User Settings”. 

  1. Select your organization and toggle the “Allow Installation”, “Force Installation” and “Pin to Taskbar” options to on.  

User & Device Settings 

  1. Within the G Suite Admin Consolenavigate to Device Management > Chrome Management > User Settings.  

  1. Ensure that “Incognito Mode” is set to “Disallow” 

  1. Ensure that “User Data” is set to Do not erase all local user data” 


  1. Navigate to Device Management > Chrome > Device Settings, and ensure that “Single Sign-On Cookie Behavior” is set to “Enable transfer of SAML SSO cookies…” 


Option two: Individual Installation 

  1. Visit and enter the enrollment code provided during the sales process or by your District Administrator. 

  1. If you’re on a Chrome OS device, the enroll page will automatically provide the appropriate download links for the ClassHub Student Companion Extension and the ClassHub Student Viewer. If you’re on another platform, choose the Chrome button at the bottom of the page.  

  1. Install the ClassHub Student Viewer by clicking Install App and confirm by clicking “Add App”. 

  1. Next install the ClassHub Student extension by clicking Install Extension and confirm by clicking “Add extension”. 

Note: Both the ClassHub Student extension and the ClassHub Student Viewer are required to enroll a device in ClassHub. 

  1. A ClassHub icon will appear in the extension area of the Chrome browser bar. 

  1. To complete the enrollment process, click on the icon and the student will be prompted to sign in to the Google account linked to their Clever account.

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