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To link your Clever District to ClassHub:

1. Log in to your Clever District dashboard site with your District Admin account

2. Under Applications choose “Add Applications”

3. Search for ClassHub

4. Click “Select”

5. Click “Next”

6. You will be directed to the Confirm Applications screen:

  • If you have already purchased ClassHub, choose “Already Purchased”. You will receive a request confirmation email, and a ClassHub representative will review and approve your request. 
  • If you still need to purchase ClassHub, click “Haven’t Purchased.” Your information will be shared with a ClassHub representative who will follow up with you about your request.

7a. Once ClassHub has been confirmed and approved, click on the “Data Sharing” tab to set up sharing. 

  • Unless, you are immediately rolling out ClassHub district-wide, click on the “Select schools to share” option.

7b. If you do not see this option: 

  • Click on “Choose a different sharing type” 
  • Select “Share by Schools” 
  • Then “Select schools to share”
  • Note: ClassHub will only accept sharing requests for schools that have been discussed as part of the rollout. If you share all of your District data without prior confirmation, your request will be denied. You can update these settings later if you need to share more or all district data.

8. Finally, select the schools that are immediately rolling out ClassHub, and select “Save Changes.” We will review the request and will schedule a time with Clever to begin the on boarding to ClassHub.

  • Note: Districts must share students, teachers, sections, schools and at least one district or school admin for ClassHub to work properly. If your school does not have sections or classes configured in your SIS, please contact Clever Support for assistance in creating “elementary sections.” After these sections are created, they will sync to ClassHub. Teachers configured without classes will be able to useClassHub without affecting the current SIS setup

To simplify the student sign-on process, student email addresses should be populated in your SIS and shared through Clever. For Chromebook users, this email address should be the student’s Google Account email address. For Windows devices and iOS and Mac devices on a Windows domain, this email address should match the domain specified during ClassHub setup (ClassHub setup occurs after the approval of the Clever link and data import is complete). ClassHub uses these email addresses to determine the active user on a device. If the email address is not provided, or does not match to the user email on the device, students will need to log in to Clever every time they use a device.

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