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1.  Lock Device:  

Student devices are locked, and a lock screen will be shown on the student’s device. With the device locked, the student is unable to use any part of the device until the device is unlocked or class ends.

2.  Open Website:

Allows the teacher to open specific web pages on student devices. Type the URL in the web page dialogue box, and click the Go to Site button. The website will open on the student's devices.

3.  Send Message:

Allows teacher to send a quick, non-disruptive alert to a student or class. Type your message in the dialogue box and click send alert. The alert then appears on the desired student devices.

4.  Lock Applications:

Allows a teacher to lock a student or class into a specific application. Select the application you wish to lock students in to, and students will now be unable to use other apps until the app is unlocked or class ends.

5.  Applications:

Allows teacher to install or remove educational apps from student devices. Select from a list of approved applications and click the install or remove button to complete the action.

6.  Screen Push:

Allows teacher to share his or her screen to student devices.

7.  Screen Mirror:

Allows teacher to request that a student share their screen to the teacher’s computer. Once the student accepts the request, the student’s screen appears on the teacher’s computer.

8.  Screen Peek:

Allows teachers to view the screens on individual student devices. Screen Peek updates every few seconds to show the teacher a current view of student screens.

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